Will This Work For Me?

Seriously, that was the question I was trying to find an answer to, “Does This System Really Work?

There’s a lot of information and reviews, but I wanted some proof (real proof).

(If you are looking for the official website and those pictures click here)

My question is
“Does This Really Work For Everyone?”

does sizegenetics work for everyoneI’ve ordered their complete product and I’ll see if it works for me. From what I’ve read, it made sense to give it a try.

Will this work better than pills or potions? I don’t know yet, but I’ve tried quite a few of the pills (Extenze, Enzyte and Vigrx), and they didn’t really give me a noticeable gain.

Let me tell you why I decided to find out whether this penis stretcher works.

My girlfriend likes to keep things interesting in the bedroom (or wherever she gets in the mood to have sex). I know she’s been with some guys who are much bigger than I, but I didn’t think that was a problem. I’ve always done my best to be giving and make sure she got what she wanted.

A few months ago she showed up with an interesting sex toy. It was a strap-on male extender. Basically this thing was a dildo that went over my penis. It made me about 3 inches longer than normal, with some extra ribbing and girth.

For me, it was like having sex without some when you are inside a submarine, and she’s outside. BUT, she went CRAZY!!!

She has always been a screamer, but this was over the top. I knew I satisfied her most of the time, but this was different.

So, I have the proof, size really does matter!

Like I said, I’ve tried some pills before. My 5.25 inches isn’t abnormal, but it won’t get me in any male calendars. I’ve even tried Viagra and Cialis. They do make me harder, but no bigger.

I thought that Extenze worked a little, but in reality, it really didn’t. Same with other things I’ve tried. You start think you are bigger and feel more confident, but the ruler doesn’t lie.

I looked around for better options. I wanted to live the rest of my life with a longer, thicker penis. I am determined to do so, I just wanted to figure out the safest, smartest way to become a bigger man!

I looked into male enhancement surgery. I saw far too many freaky pictures of botched surgeries. I’m sure there are a few higher end surgeons with great track records, but I don’t have $5-8 grand to give it a shot.

I researched a few different penis stretchers and the logic behind penis stretching made sense to me. Just like building up the size of your forearms, you wouldn’t take a pill, you’d exercise, break down and build up the tissue.

If you put yourself on a rack to stretch your arms every night your arms would eventually get longer. Although it’s really hard to stretch your arm because your arm has a bone in it. The tissues tear and repair, that’s normal. Your penis doesn’t have a bone in it, so it might be easy to enlarge and lengthen it using the same idea.

There’s a bunch of different penis stretchers that use weights to stretch your member. And, there’s a lot that can go wrong with that.

I found the SizeGenetics website. First, instead of having one small blurb of information, they have a site full of answers to my questions, medical studies, testimonials and before and after pictures.

Here’s a time chart of the growth I should expect…..
how long until sizegenetic works
here’s a link to read more about this device …….)

What Specifically Does This Do?

It’s a complete program with some accessories (like wipes), the penis stretcher and some dvd’s etc., The only downside I’ve read about so far is that some guys found the stretcher uncomfortable the first few days. I guess that’s true of almost anything!

So, I’ve ordered the product and I’m going to give it a try. I’ll document my results here. If I can get a couple of inches in the next 5-6 months I’d be a very happy guy. (And I’ll get my lady to get rid of that strap-on penis extender)

Will This Work For You?

Don’t know, I can’t say! They have a 6 month money back guarantee, so if I doesn’t work for me I will ask for a refund. As for you, the only way to know if it will work for YOU is for YOU to try it.

Visit their site to read all the details and decide for yourself.